My goal is to publish a short 20-page construction book.


This 20-page book will show you how to build one 165 sq ft shelter for refugees that provides protection, water, power, food, lighting, storage and sanitation. And prove that good emergency shelter is affordable. It's that simple. But getting there is not. That's why I need your help.
The HOME Shelter not only provides protection – it’s modular and expandable - it grows food - collects, filters and stores parasite-free water - it generates renewable energy for small electronic devices – it is self-ventilating without glass windows – it requires no tools, fasteners, written instructions or skilled labor to assemble – it contains no moving parts - it incorporates useful design features like our ‘transfurniture’.
What is amazing about the HOME Shelter is that it is human engineered to provide a usable living space for refugees. That’s never been done before. In 2012, Futurist Ray Kurzweil spoke about 'snap together buildings' and 'vertical agriculture' as part of Singularity. The HOME Shelter does what he dreams about.
Why LooLoo? Why the HOME Shelter?
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Building shelter for millions with a 20-page book.

Rick Davids - 10 Queens River Drive, West Kingston, Rhode Island.  02892.

My name is Rick Davids. I've worked since 2010 right after the Haiti earthquake to develop a more sustainable and liveable shelter for refugees. I knew I could design something better than tents at a reasonable cost. That's why I've worked on the HOME Shelter Project.
Is the HOME Shelter is a garden, a dwelling, a cistern, a power plant, a school? It can be all these things.

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